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    Today,Android is one Of the Top Mobile Operating Systems in the world.Android users are increasing day by day and has took over the mobile market.Android is linux based operating system so their are Many hacking apps available for android. As Linux is considered best OS for Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.Android interface is good and is user friendly.

    So in this post I am going to tell you about best Android hacking apps for your Android devices that will turn your Android into a hacker.

    If you are interested in hacking then download these amazing hacking android apps in your android phone.

    1)Androrat:- Androrat is A tool For Remote Administration Tool. It is client/server application developed in Java Android for the client side. The goal of this application is to provide control of the android system remotely and retrieve informations from it.

    Functions of AndroRat :

    1)Get all messages

    2)Monitoring received messages live

    3)Get contactsand all informations related to it.

    4)Get call logs

    5)Open an URL in the default browser

    6)vibrate the phone

    7)Monitoring phone received call , sent call , call missed,etc

    8)Take a picture from the camera

    9Stream sound from microphone and Streaming video {activity based client only}

    10)Location by GPS/Network

    11)Send text message

    12)Place a call

    2)Droidsheep:- Droidsheep is an app For security analysts. It can detect ARP-Spoofing on the network, such as an attack by ,FaceNiff and other software. So by using droidsheep Anybody can test security of his account by himself. It allows us to capture social account by hijacking sessions on android devices available in your network.Hijacking sessions requires knowledge about how session hijacking works Read on wiki

    3) Hackode :- It's a Toolbox for hackers.Hackode is an application made for , Ethical hackers, IT administrator,security analysts and Cyber security professional.

    It has several Functions some of them are Shown below.


    * DNS Dig

    * Exploits

    * Google Hacking

    * Google Dorks

    * Whois

    * Ping

    * Reconnaissance

    * Traceroute

    * DNS lookup

    * IP

    * Scanning

    * MX Records

    4)WiFi kill:

    By using this You can disable internet connection of any device present in your WiFi network.Wifikill apk is an app that lets you to disable any device connected to the same wifi in which you are connected. Make sure your phone is rooted to use this app and you can easily kick other user from wifi.

    5)Zanti : ZAnti is one of the most Best android app related to hacking from android phone.

    It has almost all security tools related to hacking any wifi networks. This is one of my favourite tool for hacking networks.

    6) dSploit:- Dsploit is an advanced professional toolkit to perform network security assessments on a mobile device. It has all-in-one network analysis capabilities. dSploit aims to offer to IT security experts/geeks the most complete And Advanced Toolkit To perform Network security. It can perform various attacks like real time traffic manipulation, password sniffing and many. It comes for free. So, download Dsploit on your Android device and perform network security testing.


    Eviloperator can connect two person into a phone call making them to feel that they have called each other. The most important thing is that you can save and record the conversation.

    8)Shark for Root - Shark for Root is a traffic sniffer app for Android device. By using this tools you can sniff any network and collect lots of data from any wifi network. Later you can read this data in PC in Wiresharek Software.

    It works fine on 3G and Wi-Fi alson in Froyo tethered mode. So Download this app now and start sniffing data on your Android device and see what others are doing.

    Note:Running wireshark software on your pc ,requires knowledge about dump files which are created from wifi sniffing

    9)APKInspector:- Apk Inspector is used for Reverse Engineering. It is a powerful GUI tool to analyze the Android Applications. By using this App you can easily get source code of any android application. This app is used For reverse engineering and to visualize compiled Android packages and also corresponding DEX codes in order to remove licence and credits.

    10) AnDOSid

    : AnDOSid is a Tool design for security Professionals For Performing DOS attack. It is used to perform a dos attack on websites or web servers using android device.

    11)SpoofApp:This app allows you to use your account and to place calls using Caller ID Number of your own choice.

    features of SpoofApp are:

    - NO ROOT Required

    - Very Useful

    - download the conversations you have recorded

    - works on all Android Devices

    - Anti Ban Software

    - Safe and Virus Free

    12)Penetrate Pro

    Penetrate Pro app is used To Hack WiFi passwords Of Some Routers.It calculate's WPA/WEP security keys For some Routers. The latest version of this app has many nice features.

    Note:As it uses some security permissions some Antivirus may flag this app as virus.

    Don't worry this app will not affect or harm your device.

    13) FaceSniff : Facesniff is An Hacking App use to Sniff Facebook ID Over the same wifi Network. It allows You to capture Facebook email address and password connected to same wifi network. It has many features and it Also finds Password of Blogger,Twitter,Amazon,Tumblr, and more online account.

    If you are using the same network as tour victim is using and if your Faceniff is turned on then it will capture all Facebook IDand password which are login from the same Network. It comes with paid version but also their are many cracked versions On internet.

    14.)AppUse (Android Pentest Platform Unified Standalone Environment):- This virtual machine was developed by Appsec Labs. It is unique, free platform for mobile application security testing in android. It also includes many unique custom-made tools created by AppSec Labs.

    15) NMAP for Android

    Nmap is An important Tool in Hacking.If you have used Backtrack,Kali Linux in Your PC then you must be knowing How NMAP is important Tool in hacking.The main is that you can downl oad this app for your Android device.

    This app allows you to scan networks for finding ports and system details.

    16) inSSIDer

    Inssider is an app that helps you to Find hidden WiFi in your area. It allow you see hidden SSid wifi signal and also find low range wifi signal in your area. If some smart wifi admin is living in your area then they set hidden ssid ti due to which you can't see wifi name normally on your phone.With help of Inssider You can see these WIFI easily.Also You can see Lots Of Information Related To wifi

    17)Network Spoofer : Network Spoofer is an android app that allows you to change the website on other person's computer from your Android Mobile. This app is just to demonstrate how much vulnerable the home network is.

    That's it.

    Easy to use Download this app and Choose a spoof to Use and then tap on start.

    Important Note :

    Don’t use this app on unauthorized networks as this app is Belived as a malicious hacking tool by network administrators


    It's one of my favourite app For hacking websites.Through this app you can hack website through sqli attack method. Also it helps to Hack website admin username and password easily.

    19)Nessus :It is very Popular Penetration Testing Tool Which can perform Vulnerability with its client/server Details.It is available For android devices.

    It can perform various functions :

    Start, stop and pause running scans

    You can View and filter reports

    Create and execute new scan easily

    scan templates

    View and filter reports

    20) WPScan

    As we know that Wordpress is one of the most popular CMS and is being used by millions of websites.WpScan is vulnerability scanner of wordpress for Android devices.The Android version of this app comes with few nice features.

    Note: WPScan Android app is not related to the desktop version of WPScan. So, never think it as an official WPScan app.

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