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Discussion in 'general discussion' started by PoshGuy, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. PoshGuy

    PoshGuy Clan Chief CLAN CHIEF

    So, i was surfing the internet
    when i came across this question.

    ''If A Word Is Misspelt In The Dictionary, How Will Anyone
    Ever Know?

    The question to me is
    unique,uncommon,special and at
    the same time funny! In my own view, i don't think that
    mistakes/error can ever occur.

    So i decided to share it here for
    you to also air your views on this
    mysterious,mind bulging,funny
    question making trends online!
  2. rayne

    rayne Administrator CLAN LEADER CLAN CHIEF

    Lol. ... Almost impossible
  3. PoshGuy

    PoshGuy Clan Chief CLAN CHIEF

    It is possible but very rare, the error may occur from the almighty typo error amongs many other things
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