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    Google Play Store is the official app store for all Android operating system. It is a software developed by Google that allows users to browse and download applications, music, magazines, books, movies, etc.
    I'm sure you know that Google Play Store apps are divided into two categories - Free and Paid apps. Free apps are available for free whereas Paid apps are premium which we can only download by paying money. Every Android user wants to download paid apps for free from Google Play Store.
    Some months before, I posted an article on how to download any paid software from Google Play Store for free via GetApk, but the method was no more reliable ever since the users started upgrading their Android Device to the 6th major version of the Android operating system (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) and above.
    There are many other tricks out there, but most of them are now not working. Shelaf is back with another 100% working method to download Google Play Store Paid Apps for free. You can do that easily using an application called AppVN .
    AppVN is a powerful android app designed to unlock and automatically purchase any paid apps from Google Play Store without you paying a dime. The amazing thing about this app is that it doesn't require root access before it can perform the tasks, so it is not compulsory for you to root your Android device before you can enjoy AppVN.
    AppVN is not available on the Google Play Store. Download it from the link below and install it on your Android device easily - Hãy đăng nhập hoặc đăng ký để xem được links
    By default, the app is in another language, but you’ll need to change the language into English from the setting.
    To Download Paid Apps for free using Appvn
    After installing, open the AppVN. Then you will have to change the language to English by tapping on the MENU and Tap on Cai Dat
    Then scroll down again to Cai dat ngon ngu (set language), tap and open it. Change your language to
    English. As shown below;
    To download paid apps for free, simply go to Google Play Store and locate the paid app you want to download, scroll down to
    SHARE , then tap on AppVN in the options. As shown below;
    Then download it from the AppVN for free without paying a dime.
    Hope this information helps?
    If the method works for you, don't forget to Comment here and remember to Click Share/Like buttons for the benefit of others and to appreciate our effort.

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