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    this was a post by @MrCally before we crumbled so I decided to re-share it


    Presently liquid soap is very popular in all over the world and in Nigeria too. It is preferably used to
    wash clothes and kitchen utensils, but liquid soap is also wide used to wash hands and body.

    Today number of people who become interested in
    liquid soap making process and try to produce it at home.

    The advantage of liquid soap making at home is its availability and surety in all the ingredients of your
    Liquid soap. Sometimes liquid soap production
    becomes a profitable deal in Nigeria, because you can begin its production with fewer investments and start raise money within few months.

    Here is bit-by-bit instruction in how to make liquid soap either.

    Items needed:

    »»» Measuring bowl
    »»» Cans
    »»» Gloves
    »»» Spoon
    »»» Bottles
    »»» Water

    For 40 liters of liquid soap you will need:

    6-16 teaspoons - Sodium Laurate Sulphate (SLS);
    480 g. - C.M.C (Carboxy methyl cellulos)/ Antisol Nitrosol;
    10 – 20 teaspoons – Texapon;
    2 l. - Sulphonic Acid;
    165 g. - Caustic Soda;
    35 l. – water;
    245 g. - Soda Ash;
    6-16 teaspoons -
    Formaline (may not
    10-20 teaspoons -
    colorant and a perfume
    (fragrance)If you want to.

    Soap making process Soften the caustic soda
    with 2 liters of water and leave one hour or for overnight.

    Soften soda ash in 2 liters of water and leave for one hour or for overnight. Flow sulphonic acid into
    measuring bowl, add texapon, for pleasant smell of your liquid soap add a perfume (fragrance), then add 10 liters of water, after that stir carefully
    for 10 minutes.

    Soften the SLS with 1.25 liters of water. Soften
    the STPP with 1.25 liters of water too. Add
    nitrosol. If to use Carboxy methyl cellulos instaed, please make certain that it is soften in 10 liters of
    water 2 days before soap making. Add soften caustic soda and stir carefully, then add soften soda ash and again mix accurately. If you decided to use also formaline, add it then.

    Add soften S.T.P.P
    and blend well, add
    then soften SLS and
    stir again. To have
    relevant color add
    colorant and stir.
    Now it is a high time to
    add water, the
    amount of which
    depends on the wished
    texture of the soap.
    Advice: it is better to
    leave the mishmash for
    one day and after
    that it ready to be
    How to make a
    cosmetic liquid soap
    for body
    and hands?
    If you will make a
    decision to try making
    cosmetic liquid soap
    yourself, there is a
    guarantee that you will
    know for 100% the
    components you have
    used for it and you
    will be sure that it
    contains few harmful
    elements, and the main
    thing – you can
    choose your favorite
    fragrance for it.
    Other very important
    thing about
    homemade cosmetic
    liquid soap is that at
    the end you will have
    the same thickness
    and richness your skin
    needs. One more
    advantage – if your
    shower gel finished,
    you can use this liquid
    soap instead.
    You will need:
    olive oil
    coconut oil
    shea butter
    alkali solution
    potassium hydroxide
    To make an absolutely
    natural and healthy
    liquid soap, you need
    to start to mix olive
    oil and coconut oil,
    then add water and
    shea butter. Put on the
    stove and heat until
    it becomes
    homogenous. Then, in
    portions add an alkali
    solution. Thereafter
    dissolve potassium
    hydroxide until it
    becomes clear and mix
    thoroughly. Then
    mix the composition
    by blender, it should
    become liquid. Place
    the mixture for three
    hours in a water bath,
    do not forget to stir
    it constantly. It will
    become clear quite
    quickly. After three
    hours, you will have
    excellent liquid soap.
    Store the soap. Flow
    the soap into a
    specially prepared
    bottle, for example
    bottle with dispenser,
    it is very
    At first, you can think
    that liquid soap
    making process is too
    complicated, but the
    main target is the
    result. Liquid soap is an
    article of daily use,
    everybody needs it so
    is sold well, cosmetic
    liquid soap can be a
    good present or you
    can sell it as luxury
    handmade soap, and
    can be used for your
    own needs. Now you
    know how to make
    soap at home.
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