hot What Were The Reasons Why I Created This Forum{the Nairaclan Vision}

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    who are we and where we are actually are we heading to?

    Yes, I can still remember when I triedto get the domain and hosting fees in order to get the forum up and running man it was not easy.

    At first, I wanted to host NAIRACLAN on a free hosting platform due to some financial aspect and then I consider all those servers down that might actually happen If I decided to host it on a free platform but thanks, god I was able to save enough to start small.

    The point is that NAIRACLAN is not a money-centric so also the founder but instead working on a conducive and better environment for students all over Nigeria and all around the globe especially.

    If you intend to ask me whether this vision of mine will actually succeed, I will say NO, cause no one know better than God he alone knows the present and future of what might happen.But for the time being we'll have to wait and hope those vision come into past.

    My Vision with NAIRACLAN didn't just stop on Students forum but a forum where all young people like me will be able to share their ideas concerning all topic and if possible where we'll render help to those needy one concerning Online money making venturies cause I as far I can remember that I was helpless also and I understand the gearing one must face in this case and this isn't just a mere word but I think God shall see us through any challenges and we pray that we fight and conquer the negative one.

    I am really grateful to those member especially @MrCally @Profolaafe @PoshGuy that has posted in Loyal Teams and those active one that have contributed and to the entire member of NAIRACLAN.And I promise that all your contribution to this forum is duly observed and keep up the good work.

    4 Reason Why You Register On NAIRACLAN youthful Forum And Also The Reason You Should Invite Your Friend

    1..We're Unique in our own way: Yes we truly are but for now, we don't have many resources but we're hoping cause we'll try as much as we can to satisfy the needs of our members.

    2..We're Bothers And sisters we are a clan brought together by intrest: Yes this may look awkward but the truth is that we're in LoyalTeams cause we understand the gearing of others and we take other people into consideration before taken an action.

    3..NAIRACLAN hopes to relay the most useful of informations: Loyal teams aims to give useful inforamtion and that's what all other forum implements theirs.

    We always drive to find solution on free browsing tips for students and all other useful information that might be of benefit to NAIRACLAN users and to the general public. We're not JACKOBIAN even though we use the same script google, nairaland, facebook or other great site out there but we're aiming to give and provide useful information as far as this forum stand on it's feet.Anyone can post, ask and also work together cause solution is easy to find if our brilliant mind work together and that's what we're hoping for by God grace.

    4..We can relate with you:Yes cause we're human being like you and we engage in all activities being done daily by human.And this also render the trust that we understand the gearing of other people around us and that's what we do here in NAIRACLAN.

    And if you're guest reading this post, I think this is time you join us too cause those vision of mine wouldn't succeed without you and that's what we're aiming for and I am sure that you also have the interest of playing your part so you can quickly sign up here

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    Now thats a brief info about the vusion and I will be very glad to hear your say on this vision of NAIRACLAN if you're going to invite others in here and your reasons for doing so.
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    Dont Worry Boss!
    I Am Here To Support U Financially,socially,physically.
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    thanks brother ✌✌✌✌

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