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    So, basically, today in this article we will discuss what is dark web, dark web stories, dark web browser, is the dark web illegal, dark web websites, dark websites, dark web vs deep web, Surface web, deep web, dark web, Dark Web Facts, Dark Web stories and much more.


    What is Dark Web?

    Everything you have searched, watched or visited any website on Google until today is the 4 percent of total internet. Rest of 95% internet is the dark web and the deep web. Um…Let me explain with an example, see that pic of mouthwatering Samosa , the whole Samosa is the entire web(internet). Above the green line is our friendly internet (everything you have searched on Google) and the rest of the part of Samosa is the combination of deep web and dark web.

    Dark Web vs Deep Web vs Surface Web
    Now, you might be thinking of dark web vs deep web. Let me explain you peacefully below.

    Surface web

    Everything on Google, Bing, or Yahoo (or any search engine) comes in the surface web, the entire world can open it. Like you are now on TechkyUniverse’s article.

    Deep Web

    The deep web is that part of the web which is not indexed by Google or any search engine. So no one can find it easily. So, for what deep web is using? Actually, my friends
    , deep web is used by Government to access its file online. Let’s create a fake example just for understanding Deep web.
    Our beloved president buhari is planning to kill more plateau citizens (hahaha Na example ooooo Na wetin dey trend I take do example ooo) so he has some plans that are very confidential and he wants to share with his gang only so his employees will use the deep web to share it with dedicated people.

    If you think you can find presidents buhari's plan on the internet and destroy it. I want to inform you, only that people can find and open it if they have URL of that page. That stuff that is not for normal people but is legal on the deep web.

    Dark Web (Only The Weirdest Thing On Internet)

    Now we will talk about Dark web. Tell me or imagine yourself how illegal your mind can go. Imagined? No? Okay keep imagining till I’m telling my illegal mind, I can buy nuclear launch codes if I have that kind of money.

    I hope you are done imagining the illegal thing. You know, if you have knowledge about the dark web, you can that illegal thing.

    It’s very hard to access the dark web and

    Dark Web Stories

    Here comes the most fascinating and terrible step thing, The Dark web stories (I don’t know it’s legit or fake). If you are weak at heart please smile and leave this article right because I don’t want you to see creepy dreams the in the night now if you have a heart of steel just like Superman then you are welcome, my friend on Dark web stories.
    1. Do you know how to cook food? If yes that’s awesome! But did you know, according to a dark web user, he just went to a website where there was a guide on How to Cook A Women? how to make cuts on her body were to make a cut so that she doesn’t die quick.

    2. One user said that he was using the dark web, he felt hungry, he went the to nearest restaurant and eat something. When he came back home as well as on dark web he finds his picture while eating on that article.

    3. One user was surfing the dark web, he went to a video page and commented on that page and then started watching a video, he got a notification, someone said
    You are very clever Mr. (his last name) . Feeling normal? Guys, he even didn’t mention his last name anywhere. If I make an account with the first name the on the dark web and someone replied my comment “You are very clever Mr. rayne”. I’ll get a heart attack.
    4. Another dark web story is a man who was surfing web (Google and dark web) he went too deep in dark web and there he watched that some IP address is exchanging security codes, he stared debugging that codes and keep doing its searches by link to link and he got a common HTML file named 1-.HELLO-THERE.html and when he opened that file there was a message and that was
    We See You and after 15 seconds the server dropped.

    5. Did you know one dark web stories, you can hire a hitman to make your bad works successful.

    Everybody knows about Wikipedia. But did you know there is a Wikipedia too for the dark web? One user was on it and he got a link on it, that link was of ISIS recruitment.

    Want to do a job? You know one guy said that someone was offering him $255k ($255,000 x 350 = 89,250,000)for 6 months for a job. But he should know combat experience. and out of any kind of communication.

    Don’t worry if you can’t find banger, fireworks, knockout for christmas , you can buy real weapons (like Grenades, AK-47) on dark web.

    You might have heard this dark web stories, you can buy and sell drugs, buy and sell lost credit cards, you can have a citizenship of any country.

    A drug buyer cheated drug dealer and ordered drugs without paying and do you know what happened next? That dealer gave the address of him to FBI.

    Is it weird? The weirdest thing is this. A guy was selling Carrots and other was selling simple bread on the dark web. WHAT! but WHY?

    As I said money ritual Is not Only The Weirdest Thing In This World

    Dark Web Facts

    Now, we will discuss, few dark web facts that can scream you loud.

    How big is the deep web? Can you guess? Let me tell you the size of the dark web. Dark web size was of 7.5 Petabytes in 2001 and just after 2 years in 2003 its size become 91k Peta byes (1 Petabytes = 1000000 GB) so imagine the dark web size in 2018.
    You can access the dark web only through Tor browser .

    One of the most common dark web facts is you can buy and sell drugs, use lost credit cards for shopping purposes, you can have a citizenship of any country. You can demand passport of any county by giving just 1k dollars.

    People use bitcoins for the transaction so that government can’t catch them because bitcoin can’t be traced (almost). But it’s not 100% guaranteed that you will not be caught.

    You can buy spirits of miscarriage child, small child in the form of dolls from Thailand. Are you kidding me!

    There are more than 2000 of websites that are still active.

    Love to know about Aliens?, you will bite your fingers by teeth by knowing such amazing facts about Aliens of dark web, leaked by NASA and Area 51 employees.

    Now, if you thinking that dark is illegal so why don’t the government ban it? Buddy, Government itself running it, USA and Sweden raised fund for it in starting period.

    Dark Web Browser

    You can access the dark web through Tor browser. I said you can. But don’t do it. You still have SAMOSA SWEAR.

    Is The Dark Web Illegal?

    Of course, it is. Is It Safe To Browse The Dark Web?
    And the answer is a big NOOOOOOOO. You should not visit the dark web or the deep web. You don’t have any idea what that thing is. A small click can destroy your life, can make you all account hack (like Gmail, internet banking, your aadhar card, your password just everything). Imagine if you are surfing the dark web and anyone noticed that he is a beginner, he can send a java scripted code to your computer and your antivirus even can’t smell it.

    this is my own personal experience of what seemingly looked like a dark web experience my friends and I while we were in school tried to access an illuminati website and our friend who was navigating the site could not control himself and almost got himself initiated. we had to turn off the computer for him to regain his consciousness.

    Words from @rayne :
    So guys, I successfully made a post on “what you should know about the dark web”. I have first searched
    on the web about it and finally, the result in front of you. I don’t think you will face any problem regarding this post while understanding or implementing BUT if you are facing any problem regarding this post just feel free to comment on the comment box . I’ll be back to you as soon as possible with working and satisfying answer. ALWAYS REMEMBER WE ARE FRIENDS
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