What You Need To Know About Tstv Sassy Decoders

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    Just as promised, TSTV has officially commence sales of its Sassy decoder. This is coming after so many failed promises and disappointed dates. This is not an "April ****" prank but the real deal, The decoder is already available for purchase in many TSTV dealer outlets nationwide.

    During the unveiling, TSTV management announced that the new Sassy Decoder is actually different from the originally intended TStv decoder and even though it lacks a few features such as the internet connectivity, it will still offer the same services and quality. The more functional tstv Dexterity Decoder with internet function and over 200 channels is expected to go on sale sometime in the future for N5,000.

    All you need to Know about the TSTV Sassy Decoder

    Launch Date: Sales of the TSTV Sassy Decoder begins today, April 1, 2018.

    Price: The New TSTV sassy decoder cost just N3,500 only.

    Channels : The TSTV Sassy decoder comes with over 70 channels which includes sports, movies, kids, health, lifestyle channels etc. This is actually very much lower than what TSTV initially promised us which is over 200 channels.

    Pause & Play Feature : The pause and play feature is available on the new Sassy Decoder but only for 1 month (30 days) premium subscribers and you can only pause/extend your subscription for a maximum of 7 days.

    Personal Video Recorder: The Sassy decoder comes with PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Function which will enable subscribers to record videos with the sassy decoder and play them later.
    Internet Function : The new Sassy decoder does not have internet connectivity.

    TSTV Sassy Decoder Subscription Plans and Prices
    >> Daily subscription costs ₦200
    >> 3- days subscription costs ₦500, while
    >> Weekly subscription costs ₦750

    NOTE : The daily, 3days and weekly subscription plan does not support Pause and Play feature.
    Where to Buy the TSTV Sassy Decoder
    The TSTV Sassy Decoder is now available in TSTV dealer outlets nationwide at just N3,500.
    You can check out the TSTV dealer outlet closest to you by clicking on this LINK .

    How to Subscribe for the TSTV Plans

    You can subscribe to any of the available plans by using any of the quick teller platform or by visiting the dealer shop nearest to you.


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